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Stressed, depressed, and worn-out individuals - workers and students alike - have the same need when they get home – that is, something that will relax them. Nothing can help them relax better than playing a game using one of the many game consoles that have saturated the gaming market - the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS console gave people like you hours of entertainment and a means to escape from the real world for a while. There are a lot of games playable in Nintendo DS that you can choose from. From sports to girl-games and, the favorite of many, to Role-Playing Games or RPG, Nintendo supplies you with the best games ever. Alongside games, numerous Flash Cards are also made to make for a superb gaming experience. From these flashcards you can store and subsequently load your saves, and open up files and texts to help you play your games better. On a related note, one of the most valuable flash cards ever made that improves your gaming experience is the SuperCard DSTWO which is a one-of-a-kind item already out in the market.

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Manufactured by the SuperCard Team, this flash cart works on Nintendo DS, DS lite, DSi, and the DSi XL (supports version 1.4). The SuperCard DSTwo is admittedly a huge help if you are fond of playing games. It has a real-time save function which allows you to save your game whenever you feel like it, overlooking the use of checkpoints. You can open up game guides as well, provided that they are in “.txt” format. And best of all, real-time cheats are accessible! Other than that, there are multi-saves which are available in 4 slots. This card also allows you to try and consequently play those new 3D games that other flash carts couldn't. The language used can also be toggled. It also provides unlimited microSD storage support amounting to 32MB. Snapshots of your game can also be taken and saved for bragging. A convenient action slow motion (4 levels) function is ready to lend you a hand when the game starts to lag. Using this feature will toggle the quality and speed of the game, but may cost battery life. Hence, charge your batteries before playing your favorite game, and then you can play it with the best quality possible! Lastly you will be able to manage your files and open them conveniently with the E-book support for files in .BMP, .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, .GIF, .TXT, and .PDF formats.

So what makes the SuperCard DSTwo unique? Dubbed as the first of its kind, this unique flash cart has the innovation of a built in CPU and extra RAM. With these features you can do a lot more things, such as video playing (without converting), GBA emulation, and SNES emulation. You can also do file managing with delete, copy, paste and save functions. Likewise, you will have access to an in-game hex-editing cheat code maker, commonly called “Free Cheat Mode”, where you can search for values in the game and change them freely. Definitely one of a kind and top-notch, the SuperCard DSTwo is very user-friendly.

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The Nintendo Cyclops 3DS Flash Cards

The Cyclo3DS is a microSD card adapter used for the 3DS as well s the NDS Lite and the DSi. It is multi-functional, and can be used for the Micro SD/ micro SDHC. Through this, you may now play Backup Games for the 3DS, take a look at images, as well as listen to your favorite MP3s. You may also use it to read an e-book.

It would be possible for you to load any kind of media from the MicroSDHC cards without any charge. This means that you just have to purchase larger memory capacity anytime you need it, without being constrained by the limits of the flash memory internally. It would also be very simple for you to transfer the games as well as all the homebrew software that you have with the use of the Reader software for the microSD.


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